Thursday, 16 July 2009


Memories etched in time

The above image, by photographer Scott van Osdol, of Austin Texas, shows Micky Burn - Captain in charge of 6 Troop 2 Commando at the time of the Saint-Nazaire raid - at the base of the Old Mole, close to the point where the Motor Launch on which he and his men were traveling - ML192 - was destroyed by fire with great loss of life. The image was taken earlier this year during Micky's expedition to Saint-Nazaire, Munich and Colditz Castle, this being part of our ongoing project to document fully his extraordinary life.

From the substantial footage already shot, we have assembled a 'teaser', which can now be viewed at - This should, we hope, give a preliminary 'feel' for just how much more there is to come.

Shooting continued at Micky's home in North Wales over the last five days, with an expert camera crew from New York: as per usual, and despite his 96 years, we wore out before Micky did. 'Commando spirit', it would seem, does not decline with the passing of the years.