Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FACEBOOK - 1940s style...

If we've gone so far as to hypothesise the existence of blogging in the 1940s, why not extend our speculative exercise to include Facebook as well? The very notion of 'Social Media' in an era when communication relied on telephone, telegram and hand-written letters, might have seemed fanciful indeed; however, the immediacy of our digital world might well have provided for historians an altogether richer commentary, much of it made public without the more careful consideration that attends the laborious process of hand-writing. 

In pursuit of this idea we at PORT 20 have set up Facebook pages for three of the raiders, whose content, based on interviews and written material, will reflect their attitudes and feelings in the months leading up to the raid. In two of the cases published works exist which the reader can access to more thoroughly examine the lives of the men involved: for Micky Burn, we have his autobiography 'Turned Towards the Sun', plus his last volume of poems, 'Poems as Accompaniment to a Life'; and for General Corran Purdon we have his autobiography 'List the Bugle'. All three are currently out of print; however copies should be available through your local library. In every case the books are well worth reading, and their Amazon links are given below.

For the individual Facebook pages here are the links by means of which we can enter a world whose developing drama would change the lives of Micky, Corran, 'Tiger' and so many others for ever.

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