Friday, 17 April 2015

'Its Alive!' - well, the St Nazaire Society website is, finally.... 

But with a new address, being as we still can't get the old one back! The new address is -
Work on developing this will be ongoing throughout the next few months, and at the conclusion we really hope to have the most informative site possible. It is aimed at families, researchers, and schools and will eventually have a 'schools' section to be used by teachers and pupils. Many of the illustrations are in vector format which means they can be enlarged without loss of definition.
For those seeking information on relatives who served, there will shortly be a 'How to research' page with helpful hints and relevant links: it can seem daunting - but it really isn't. 

The new site is designed for monitors, laptops and tablets: the graphic content is still too complex for all but the largest-screen phones. However, a trimmed-down site for very small screens is on the cards as, hopefully, is a French version of the site.

For those of you who followed the older posts about Captain Micky Burn, I am delighted to say that the feature-length documentary about his life Turned Towards the Sun will shortly be available as a dvd from Amazon, for a mere £9, at this link for pre-order -

Micky's was a life lived to the full, and it's a privilege to have been involved in telling even a portion of his story. No film could cover the full scope of an almost century of breaking all the rules; so, if you feel like exploring further, and have an ample supply of favourite 'tipple' check these links -
and -

There is a hugely important moral here: life is for living, not selling in exchange for a title, or a big house, or a flashy car. When you reach your expiry date and look back on your life, try to ensure that you recall it was filled with content, with experimentation, with exploration, with dreams, and with love - as Micky says in the film 'the key to happiness is always being in love - with some one, or some thing'. Don't accept anything less.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

For the web address - Why am I still getting a blank page?

For many years now the website of the St Nazaire Society has had the web address This was administered for the Society by a company in High Wycombe, who took care of  both hosting and domain name administration.

Earlier in 2014 the Society, given the ever-increasing rise in both interest and the availability of research material, decided to move site-building and maintenance in-house, where additions, amendments, etc, could be made at a moment's notice by those with an intimate understanding of the subject matter.

The company were informed of this and asked not to proceed with renewal of the Society web address, scheduled for January of 2015. For whatever reason the domain WAS, however, renewed, and now appears lost in the ether as, while that company no longer seems to play a role, is proving tediously difficult to transfer from the registrar through whom it was renewed, i.e. Internetters (incorporating skymarket)., our new host, to whom we wish to transfer the address and who have been very helpful, has made numerous transfer requests over the last few months, and yet the domain continues to show, as of 23rd February,  'Pending Owner Approval', and as of the 24th, 'Transfer failed' (again!).

Requests from the Society directly to Internetters continue to be diverted to their support centre - to access which, by email or phone, requires a customer login - and the Society is not a customer. It has been already been explained that we are a commemorative organisation, not a business, and that the failure to complete the transfer is making it unnecessarily difficult for families and friends to access the stories of the veterans of the Saint-Nazaire Raid in whom they have an interest

Material CAN be accessed via the holding address - but only by those who can be informed of the change - which is certainly not our world-wide following. 

We will continue to push for the restoration of the familiar web address, and will keep you updated as to progress. However, we may be left with no option other than to re-launch with a new web address.

A copy of this blog was sent to Internetters for comment prior to publication: sadly the response was, as ever, contact our customer support centre. One might have thought, given the Society's role, that a more helpful response would have ensued.